Design + giving back

These are my two biggest passions. I absolutely love design in all forms and making positive impacts in lives when I can.

A bit about me

Hey! I live north of Baltimore, Maryland and have been working with companies and clients from government agencies to children's toys since 2010.

I'm passionate about creating exceptional digital experiences. That sentence is meaningless because "exceptional" can be a subjective term. Every challenge is unique and requires research, collaboration, ideation, testing, and iterations to deliver it's own version of "exceptional". Then you prove it's "exceptionalness" with success metrics and continue making it better. That's one part of why I love design.

Another part is I believe design can empower people and make a real impact in their work, life, or just mood for the day.

You can see my full career history here on LinkedIn.
You can also check out some articles I've written here.

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In 2015 I co-founded a non-profit organization with a simple goal. To get more kids on bikes. Bikes were a sense of freedom and endless fun when I was kid and every kid deserves that no matter their situation or location.

We collect unused and unwanted bikes from the community and refurbish them into safe and ridable conditions. Then we parter with local schools, community programs, and other organization to donate these same bikes to kids and families in need. Seeing some smiling riding away on their new bike makes the countless volunteer hours 100% worth it.

I've done the branding, cycling kit, and other designs for JAMSQUAD over the years. You can check out some of that here.

You can learn more about JAMSQUAD here.

Bike donation fitting a kid for a new helmet.

Nature Deserves Better

I try to give back to the planet too. Fast fashion is incredibly wasteful and harmful to our world. I started an up cycling clothing line called Nature Deserves Better to repurpose existing clothes and fabric to help provide a sustainable alternative to fast fashion. It also serves as a fun creative outlet for me.

All of the illustration, screen printing, sewing, and dyeing is done by me. Each piece of clothing is unique, has its own story, and included free repairs for life.

You can see some of the clothing line here.

Denim jacket altered